the services offered by studio caramelli


Studio Caramelli Srl was founded with the aim of offering small and medium-sized companies the services of a modern business consulting company, with a plurality of skills, the use of advanced management metodilogies, modern ICT technologies and flexibility, while maintaining high professional standards. 

Studio Caramelli S.r.l. operates in the field of business economics and finance. It offers traditional services such as providing expertise and experience for the solution of problems and the achievement of objectives, but aslo by offering in-house training, that is, a consultancy that transfers at the same time knowledge and tools to company to your staff. Al is aimed at the development of a foreward looking management culture and increasing the compativeness on the global market. The cost of services is related to the size and complexity of the customer and is proportional to the expected benifits. 

Studio Caramelli S.r.l. offers also training services on general business management issues and customised courses, in-house or on locations choosen by the customer. The training services are supported by a network of internal and external professionals.


The business plan is a detailed plan of a business idea or an expansion of a current activity.It illustrates the project, examines the socio-economic circumstances under which it has to thrive, describes the strategies to be adopted and exames its feasibility through an financial/economical analysis. It is an indispensable tool each entrepreneur because it highlights all the details of the project,  allows them to verify its consistency, to discover the weakk points of the idea and to correct them. It obliges the entrepreneur to a medium-term planning by drafting a three-year economic/financial plan. It is a requirement for obtaining access to private or public financing. 


In the field of energy management, Studio Caramelli can assist its clients with:

· The development of a long-term strategy for their energy supply.

· The development and evaluation of  new concepts for their energy systems.

· The optimization of their thermal energy systems (Pinch Analysis).

· The reduction of the environmental impact linked to the use of energy.

· The analysis of the financial feasibility of investments in the field of energy efficiency.

· The preparation of requests for incentives (in particular for White Certificates).

. The search for third-party financing (EPC contracts or long-term lease agreements)

· The integration of new energy technologies, in particular heat pumps,  in industrial energy systems. 

high temperature heat pumps

Studio Caramelli S.r.l. is the market promoter in Italy and Southern Switzerland for industrial heat pumps produced by the German company SPH Sustainable Process Heat GmbH. These are high temperature heat pumps, specifically designed for the recovery of industrial waste heat. These machine are capable of producing thermal energy at temperatures up to 165 ° C, also in the form of steam (read more)