services for a better financial management

Business Plan

The business plan is a detailed plan of a business idea or an expansion of a current business activity.It illustrates the project, examines the socio-economic circumstances under which it has to thrive, describes the strategies to be adopted and exames its feasibility through an financial/economical analysis. It is an indispensable tool each entrepreneur because it highlights all the details of the project,  allows them to verify its consistency, to discover the weakk points of the idea and to correct them. It obliges the entrepreneur to a medium-term planning by drafting a three-year economic/financial plan. It is a requirement for obtaining access to private or public financing. 

We offer many years of experience for the drafting of your business plan or we can assist  you in drafting your own plan.

company check-up

The data shown in the financial statements allow, through the re-elaboration and the calculation of indices, an in-depth analysis of the assets and the economic/financial situation of the company. This information is essential for the understanding the past and above all for improving the future. We will:

  • Carry out the re-elaboration of the financial statement,
  • Calculate the most relevant indices for the relevant industrial sector,
  • Make an analysis of the assets and the economic/financial situation, providing important information on the company prospective, highlighting strengths and critical points.
  • Make a dynamic reading of the balance sheet by comparing the current values to those of previous years and highlight the trends through a series of graphs.
  • Bench-marking with other companies in the sector.

price policy

The price cannot simply be set as the sum of the production costs and a profit. It is the market that determines the price level. For a correct price policy one need to know many aspects of the relevant market: the products, the demand, the level of quality asked for, the type of customers, the geographical area and so on.

We offer our advice and assistance for:

  • Quantifying the costs of your products and orders,
  • Making price lists and quotations,
  • Assessing the conditions for offering discounts,
  • The determination of the breakeven volume,
  • The setting up a price strategy.

management control

General accounting which is mandatory by law, provides information on the nature and quantity of the production factors used, such as: materials, work, energy, etc.  but does not give indications on the destination of these resources, on the efficiency of the production process or on the effectiveness of the results obtained.

To have a quantification of the cost of a process, products or orders, an analytical- or industrial accounting must be put in place.

This accounting has no legal constraints but has to represent the complexity and specificity of the company and must be created ad hoc for each case.

An analytical accounting system allows to quantify the absorption of the different production factors used in a process in order to calculate the unit costs, also as function the utilisation of the existing production capacity. In this manner it is possible to guide the company towards specific objectives. Management by objectives allows, through a detailed monitoring process, to know during the year if the company is heading in the right direction. This permits to review and improve the strategies in order to reach the objectives.

We can build for you, or with you, a customized analytical accounting system that meets your needs for information and control. In particular, we offer the following services:

  • Setting-up of an analytical/industrial accounting system,
  • Analysis of the profitability of your production processes and products,
  • Fixing of objectives for the economic performance, the quality levels and the market share,
  • Monitoring of the performance,
  • Assessment of the efficiency and the effectiveness of the company,
  • Periodic reports on the company situation with concise, immediate and significant information
  • Suggestions for improvement strategies.