services for business strategy

the strategy for financial management

The search  financing starts with the analysis of the equity, the income and the financial situation of the company.

A good economic condition of a company does not always imply a good financial situation.

It is important to correctly predict the cash-flow in order to identify the best sources of financing and it related costs, for both the short- and long term needs.

Corporate debt implies a commitment to future expenditure for the repayment of the capital and interests. It is essential that a company, at the time of choosing the source of financing, quantifies these commitments and evaluates its ability to provide the related financial resources when due.

We assist business in defining their financial management and help them to:

  • Determine the length of the monetary cycle
  • Monitor the cash flow
  • Make the financial statements and analyse the results
  • Calculate the financial indicators
  • Choose the most appropriate sources of financing
  • Find financing and to manage the relations with banks and leasing companies

assistance with the generational transition

The handing over to the next generation is a crucial moment in the life of a family company. It involves complex problems that affect both the family relations and the management of the corporany. Studio Caramelli offers support in this process by providing solid advice based on more than twenty years of experience.

Balanced Scorecard

Economic-financial indicators help to quantify the value of companies and to measure the effectiveness of their business strategy.

In today’s economy, in which intangible assets (know-how, organization, digitization) have become the main source of competitive advantages, KPI’s capable of measuring these non-monetary aspects which do normally not appear in the financial statements are badly needed.

Many companies encounter difficulties in managing such assets that are difficult to identify and to assess. In order to help in this arduous task Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton have introduced the Balanced Scorecard methodology which aims at building a balanced evaluation sheet that allows to evaluate and to manage the strategy of an organization with the help of monetary and non-monetary indicators related to the tangible and intangible assets.