About us


since 2001

Studio Caramelli Srl was founded by Diva Caramelli in 2001, with the aim of offering small and medium-sized businesses high-level strategic consulting services at affordable costs.

Today, Studio Caramelli is a management consulting company that has been offering its services in the field of business management to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) and to public administrations for more than twenty years. Over the years, Studio Caramelli has developed its own tools to measure and improve the efficiency of the various business processes, for budget analysis, for analytical accounting and for strategic consultancy. This was done always witth the scope to reduce the costs and to improve the client’s competitiveness. Creating customer value is our priority.

We believe in the importance of sustainable growth from both an environmental and social point of view. With this in mind, over the years, we have also developed a series of activities in the field of energy management for both companies and the public administration.

Aware of the difficulties for many SME’s in assuming risks, we operate, when possible, on the basis of a ‘success fee’ principle, which implies that our services are remunerated in proportion to the value created for the customer.


The mission of Studio Caramelli Srl is to provide SME’s with access to first-class strategic advice, supporting them in their efforts to improve competitiveness and profitability. Promoting their growth while respecting social and environmental sustainability.


To make an essential contribution to the long-term success of our clients through excellent services.


When we provide our services we always act with empathy, originality, integrity and courage, pursuing the highest possible standards with particular regard to sustainability.