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Steam generation with commercially available heat pumps is a reality now!

The ThermBooster™ produced low pressure steam in test run.

SPH Sustainable Process Heat GmbH is proud and pleased to announce that the first tests for the production of steam with the ThermBooster™ heat pump, have been successful. A constant flow of low pressure steam was produced for a number of hours.  Read more.


studio caramelli in brief

Our mission:

The mission of Studio Caramelli Srl is to provide SME’s with access to first-rate strategic advice, supporting them in their effort to improve competitiveness and profitability. Promoting their growth while respecting the social and environmental sustainability.

Our vision:

To make an essential contribution to the long-term success of our customers through excellent services.

Our values:

When we provide our services we always act with empathy, originality, integrity and courage, pursuing the highest possible standards with particular regard to sustainability.

Thanks to its deep knowledge and over 20 years of experience in the fields of financial management, launching of ‘start-ups’ and efficient energy technologies, Studio Caramelli is also a promoter of enabling technologies and efficient management models in these areas.

Studio Caramelli favors a medium/long-term approach to business strategies and aims to develop lasting relationships with its customers. Whenever possible, Studio Caramelli works on the basis of  a “success-fee” for its services, linking in this way its own success to the long-term succes of its customers.