Steam generation with commercially available heat pumps is a reality now!


The ThermBooster™ produced low pressure steam in test run.

SPH Sustainable Process Heat GmbH is proud and pleased to announce that the first tests for the production of steam with the ThermBooster™ heat pump, have been successful. A constant flow of low pressure steam was produced for a number of hours.

The pictures below show the steam generating version of the ThermBooster™.

Figure 1 — The steam generating version of the ThermBooster™.


The machine is now installed in the test facility of SPH Sustainable Process Heat GmbH and will be subjected to a very rigorous program of measurements and performance assessments. Afterwards, probably in October this year, it will be shipped for installation at the production site of the first customer.

Figure 2 — The four cylinder piston compressor.
Figure 3 — Compressor and motor arrangement.


Figure 4 — The steam generator.


Interesting feature of the steam generating version of the ThermBooster™ is the possibility to have a full integration of the condenser with the steam generator. Thanks to this design no extra heat transfer medium is needed between the heat pump and the steam generator. This means, higher steam temperatures and less piping and pumps.  

In the current tests the heat pump is running with R-1233zd, which enables the production of steam up to 145-150 degrees °C.

The tests will continue in the coming weeks and more information  will be published as soon as it becomes available.

Figure 5 — Installation for the performance testing  of the ThermBooster™ in the laboratories of SPH Sustainable Process heat in Germany.


The commercialisation of the ThermBooster™ has already started. Both standard models and custom made solutions are available, with condenser temperatures up to 165 °C.

Requests for information or quotations should be send to: [email protected]

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